EdTech 543 – Week 2

ImageCreative Expression of Connectivism, , Personal Learning Networks, and Communities of Practice

The picture above is my creative expression of the concepts learned in EdTech 543.  I used Picasa to create a collage of all the images.

Personal Learning Networks or PLNs are simply groups where people can learn individually but yet as a group.  They are very interesting to me to read about and use.  Groups such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, etc.  Personal Learning Networks allow you to manage your own learning and help you to set goals.  PLNs help you to stay current with what is going on in the world and help you stay connected.

Connectivism is a learning theory that comes from the development of the internet and digital media.  It was created by two Canadian men named George Siemans and Steven Downes.  They believe that many things we learn can now be supported by technology.  It is also the process and skills of researching and connecting the information.

Communities of Practice of CoPs is a fairly new name for an old theory.   Basically, a CoP is a community where everyone believes the same thing and they work together to better that belief.  It has three parts: the domain, the community, and the practice.   Those three things make up a CoP.  It is a concept of building relationships for the greater good of a belief.

AECT Standards Addressed: 2.4 Integrated Technologies  3.1 Media Utilization







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